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EliteCashWire.com Long Form Landing Pages Paying $80 per lead

Landing Pages
https://www.elitecashwire.com converts on page
https://www.elitecashwire.com/index_opt1.php converts on page
converts on page 1
https://www.elitecashwire.com/short_form_opt1.php converts on page 2
https://www.elitecashwire.com/short_form.php converts on page 2

Requires: employed, with a bank account making $1000 or more per month living in the usa
accepted and redirected to lenders page

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EliteCashWire.com Short Form Landing Pages Paying $15 per lead

landing page 1 mainstream https://www.elitecashwire.com/short_form_opt1.php converts on page 1
landing page 2 for women https://www.elitecashwire.com/short_form.php
converts on page 1

Requires: USA, full name, unique within 30 days, zip, email, a valid telephone number with bank account

Cash Creatives:
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Borrow 1500 dollars today
Are You Stressed over bills you can't pay today?
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Life sucks without cash.
Need money live your life right?
Are you overworked and under funded?

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